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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

haha. stopped bloggin for 1 yr plus n i stil rem my pwd.. so puttin e blog here still helps, cos i can stil vent my angers here when i feel reali bad.. well i reali didn't noe things will turn so bad. isit my pms or m i just plain tinkin too much? been so unhappy recently. wif so many things. dat i blocked my fb profile from every1. luckily i have 2 days trainin.. cos i didn't reali noe how to face every1.. taking a break from work, seein e usual faces.. is actuali quite a blessing. i don have to act dat im happy in front of dem, or show dem my true emotions. i have been showin my temper n pullin a face too often.. n i don tink its a gd thing. i hate to flare up. but some under circumstances i just canot stand it. its such a dilemma, n contradict, but still... made new frens during the course.. feels so gd.. cos dey dono me well.. n i can jolly show my truth feelings. or rather, be a facade at e same time. i have no stress wif dem, don have to tink abt anything. hence i let out the true me, but at e same time. dey wouldnt noe if im hiding myself too. not like e usual faces or my close frens.. whether dey ask me wat happen or not, i feel uncomfy too. sometimes just feel like being alone. all e shits happenin at e same time, i wonder m i still reali so suay. well, i did something so evil ytd. i cant believe i did dat too. cos dats just not me. but somehow; i felt i was another person when i did it.. its like, i felt i changed totally. another person inside me. well, such things happen once enuf le. cos i don like myself being like dat too. so pls, don force me to.

He brought me to e seaside.. seeing me so upset.. it was peaceful.. we drank some beer, dropped some tears, talked things tru, looked at e stars... 1st time bringin me to such place.. guess both of us are too tired of all e shits recently.. needed a break.

i hope things go well for me.. i don wish to hide anything anymore. i just wan to be myself.

- Hearts All

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Well, it all happened.. and i'm takin it real well.. guess its reali e time yeah.. no love, no hatred.. regrets mayb yes, but its ok.. i will still stick to dat action i made dat time..

Got to noe more n more ppl tru clubbin.. fren's frens.. or random strangers whom i jus ask to TAR la.. ahahha.. crazy.. anw stil gettin on wif dis kinda life.. club n club n club.. but im stil enjoyin it.. chatted wif Yutaki ytd.. hahha stil so cute.. goin to DF later again..

Today's V day.. got a bouquet of 12 stalks sent to my hse.. thanx ya so sweet of u.. even though its been so long.. n another small bear holdin a fake flower.. hahaa.. guess i will haf another gift but yet to receive it =) lookin forward to dat mysterious gift..

Anw felt so happy after i saw dat sms ya.. it shocked me totally.. totally dat my heart melt immediately.. it reali seems quite unreal to me.. but im reali happy la.. =) we shall c..

- Hearts All

Thursday, February 05, 2009

张惠妹 解脱


haha.. let us all 解脱 ba.. my girls.

i sudd felt my heart was dead.

- Hearts All

Thursday, January 29, 2009

All e efforts dat we put in..

All dat we went tru..

All e barriers dat we crossed..

It all came to nought.

- Hearts All

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Well, dono y.. but sudd tod of dis song again.. so long ald but stil love it.. some memories in it, but definitely not gd ones.. haha.. mayb last last sat heard it at df n kinda stuck in my mind ba.. aiya kinda troublesome, hence e chorus part onli ba.. but guess every1 noes wat song le.. lol.


aiyo.. for all of my dear gfs who r experiencin r/s probs now.. mayb for e guys too.. kinda emo song =\

Anw.. sun was fun.. went over to 'the sister's' house.. =) den went over to my sec sch for some alumni photoshoot.. was in e sun for nearli e whole day, but enjoyed myself lots =) after dat was mjin at joy's hse wif her mum n pt..

Jumping back, jus wanna say dat i love the lyrics.

Aye. Bye bye.

- Hearts All

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Girls affair at Dragonfly ytd!! it was soo funn, i jus love clubbin wif my girls!! I was shocked dat i was e 1st to reach ytd (normalli im oways late) n den shortly later xiao hui reached.. followed by janet n stella.. we 4 gers went to join tables wif some uncles whahahhaa n it turned out dat it was 1 of e uncles' bday.. he tried to make frens wif me n make me drink -_- but xiao hui got so angry -_- aiyooo girlll i was stil so sober at dat time n it was his bday ma so jus entertain abit lo.. no worries abt me!! did chat wif e uncles awhile.. anw dey werent dat bad la, nv try to take any advantage..

Dere was janet's fren over at e corner n soon after, eileen n fren, agnes reached.. went to sign dem in... n den jason n frens came over too.. wif jessica.. n den renee, phyllis n her fren came over too!! wow.. from me xiao hui n janet become so many gers joined us.. so happy!! =) =) n got to noe dis nice ger angela too.. went over powerhouse for awhile wif eileen n agnes, but couldnt find renee n stella dey all.. den we danced by ourselves n sudd got a crowd of guys jus swarmed ard us.. look like young boys la. n den e gers feelin sad again.. dat oways happen towards e end of clubbin sessions.. wept a bit.. n den home sweet home..

My dear girls.. all so silly.. sigh.


- Hearts All

Thursday, January 01, 2009



i dono y is my temper gettin so sucky recently n so easily irritated by every1 n everything..

mayb bcos my patience has worn off..


oh anw.. happy new yr!! or rather, learn from joy.. happy 'niu' yr! LOL!

- Hearts All

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